How to Manage your time better during these Covid times.

Aug 19, 2021 | Article

Some tips on how to keep your sanity during these uncertain times as Covid bites us again.

Covid is back amongst us and the feeling of mixed emotions starts their play. 

Initially, the thought of three days off for a majority of the country fits perfectly as a run-in to the weekend. Score! However, for some parts of the country, it is longer and the thought of lockdown for a week is a little different. Plus, I’m sure some of us are thinking how long is this lockdown going to go for this time? 

As the numbers start to rise, the feeling of uncertainty starts to creep in and all the tasks that you normally do at work are starting to build up. It’s okay initially, but if this lockdown turns into the Australian example, then what are you going to do to keep your head and your business, whilst perhaps others may be losing theirs.

So how do you create and maintain that success platform for you and your business whilst you are isolated from your desk?

Here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  • Make a To-do list every day, prioritising the most important tasks at the top (an oldie but a goodie).
  • Create a daily schedule—including time to exercise and eat. Yes, they are two things that quickly get out of balance during these Covid times.
  • Creating structure to your day can help you stay on track and be productive. 
  • Schedule breaks from screens (i.e., computers/laptops, phones, Netflix etc.) If you have back-to-back virtual meetings try to take a couple of minutes to stand-up, stretch, grab a snack, and keep hydrated with water not alcohol. Boo!
  • Discover when your most productive time is—are you an early bird or a night owl? What time do you typically feel most productive, most engaged and alert? Create a dedicated time to work on you and your business.
  • Learn how to say NO—prioritise what is most important to you during this lockdown  and set boundaries, recognising when other potential commitments may interfere with your goals. 
  • Make connecting with close family and friends, one of your priorities! Reach out and set up a time to connect through a variety of video chat platforms that are freely available.
  • Fight against procrastination—the urge to avoid difficult tasks is stronger now that we’re surrounded by distractions at home. Do the worst task first OR use momentum—start with the task you enjoy the most first and let that energise you for the rest on your list.
  • Also remember to do the important tasks whilst they are not urgent. This one is gold!
  • Beware of the Internet’s rabbit holes! Try to limit distractions whilst you’re online, resist the urge to click on attention grabbing headlines, or spending soooo much time on social media platforms. 

Above all, take time to reflect on yourself, and all that you have achieved and will achieve going forward. This Covid thing is merely a blip on your timeline. 

Learn from it, grow from it, live from it.

Take extra care and catch you again soon.

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